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"I love animals. Growing up we had a menagerie of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, snakes, hamsters, birds, fish, chameleons, and even an opossum."

"My favorite foods are popcorn, hot cocoa, gingerbread, dark chocolate, Mac 'n Cheese (BUT not all at the same time!)"

A Word About Marti

Marti Regan Szczur

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My dog, Sadie

Marti started writing children's books after she retired from 30+ years as a computer scientist/senior executive at NASA and National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine. 

Since 2008, she has published 4 children's books with a focus on dogs and animals and a health-related e-book.

Her first book, Dogs of a Different Collar, was inspired by her dog, Sadie. When she and her husband went to pick out a puppy, they struggled to decide between two pups and always wondered who adopted the puppy they didn't chose.

When Sadie was younger, she was an excellent therapy dog. She visited patients in hospitals and students in schools. These experiences with Sadie nurtured ideas for Marti's other dog-themed books, Reading to My Buddy and Lazy Dasy, the Love Dog.

Now that she is retired and living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Marti spends her time riding and playing with her horses, traveling, volunteering, reading and writing.

She enjoys the company of children and is available for workshops, readings, and/or 
book signings.