Most literature about obesity, smoking and alcohol abuse targets helping adults change their bad health choices or providing preventative information to help kids not make unhealthy choices.

Through a fictional story, the book discusses parents' bad health habits from the perspective of their children ... "What can I do to make my parents change their bad health habits?" 

Come on, Mom, Dad, Get Healthy


Come on, Mom,Dad,Get Healthy is a free, downloadable ebook for use in Grades 4-6. 

An appendix includes a list of reliable information resources on health topics, sample Parent-Teen Health contracts, and Discussion Questions.

Teacher Lesson Plans 

are also available.

Marti Regan Szczur

Come on, Mom,Dad,Get Healthy is a free, downloadable ebook for use in Grades 4-6. 


This ebook is a story about three teens, who are fed up with their parent’s bad health habits and decide to take action. Kim’s parents are dangerously overweight and living with high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes. Matt’s parents are big-time cigarette smokers. Josh’s dad left him and his mom last year, and his mom is using alcohol as a coping companion. 

After some failed attempts to get their parents’ attention, the threesome creates the TAPAS (Teens Against Parent Addictions Squad) and decide to take more drastic action. The threesome run away to a ‘safe house.’ While the teens are holed up, they send informative notes to alert their parents about the health dangers associated with obesity, smoking, and alcohol abuse. 

Their parents go through a sequence of emotions - fear, anger, and, finally, self-awareness.  Before the kids will return home, the parents must agree to sign a contract detailing the changes they promise to make. The contract signing is an emotional reunion with the hope for a new healthy life style beginning. 

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