What are teachers saying about this book?

"When we had to stop reading, there was always a moan because they wanted to hear more of the story."
3rd grade teacher in Bowling Green, KY

What are kids saying about this book?

"It was funny and all my friends would like it."    

Ashlea, 8-year old reader 

"Two dogs, two stories, one friendship."                                                    Shannon, a 10-year-old dog lover 

"I always thought poodles were weird until this book."                                
Lincoln, 9-year-old book critic 

"Great for dog lovers and owners of any age."

 12-year-old from Crofton, MD                                                                           

Five Star Readers' Favorite Rating

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"... The author writes an endearing story about two parallel lives led by two people and the common link being the litter from where they adopted their pups. The story resonates well with readers.

The style of narrating the story is simple and informal. Readers keep wondering whether Sophie and Abbie would ever meet and likewise for Rosie and Kelly. The connection between the two girls due to the adoption of pups is effectively put forth by the author." 

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Meet Sadie,

the dog behind the story

Dogs of a Different Collar, a novel for 8 to 12 year-olds, is a story about two girls with very different life styles and personalities. Unaware of the other's existence, they each adopt a poodle puppy from the same litter. Abby has begged her parents for as long as she can remember, and finally, she gets to pick out her very own puppy. Two of the litter are irresistible, but her dad insists "you can only take one dog home." After much deliberation, she decides on the poodle with the green collar. The pup with the pink collar, the one Abby leaves behind, is forlorn until the next day when young Sophie spots her. "You look lonely … just like me," she whispers to the little pink-collared doggy.

Abby enjoys the security of an affectionate family (even though her brother is a pest) and is very outgoing with lots of friends. She adores her new dog, Kelly, but still wonders, "What happened to that poodle puppy with the pink collar?"

Sophie lives in a penthouse apartment in the city. For as long as she can remember, her family has moved to a new place every year. Making new friends is difficult for Sophie, and her parents are
workaholics. "Rosie, you are my best friend," Sophie tells her lovable pup.

Will Abby ever discover what happened to the puppy with the pink collar? Come follow the parallel lives of two dogs and the girls who adopt them.

Dogs of a Different Collar

Copyright Marti Regan Szczur. All Rights Reserved.

Keeping cool on hot day.

When we went to pick out Sadie ...... we couldn't decide between two of the puppies. We finally decided on the pup with the green collar, but always wondered whatever happened to the "dog with the other collar."

Sadie was born on April 11, 2001. She was a wonderful, silly and sweet dog, and much of her personality shows up in both Kelly and Rosie, the poodles in Dogs of a Different Collar.

Sadie was a therapy dog for many years. She is now in puppy heaven. And, a new standard poodle, Roxie, has joined our family. Inspiration for another book? Could be.

Marti Regan Szczur

​Children's Book Author

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