Tootsie, the miniature horse, presents wise and thoughtful advice with the help of her animal friends.

The Mini Book of Horse Sense is intended for the enjoyment of

  • animal lovers of all ages 
  • young children, who enjoy pictures and making up their own stories
  • beginner readers, who enjoy pictures, large print and few words
  • seniors, who might be struggling with sight and/or memory loss and enjoy whimsical photos and sayings
  • special needs children, who love horses and participate in equine therapy programs

Marti Regan Szczur

​Children's Book Author

Marti's miniature horse, Tootsie, is so cute that Marti was inspired to take countless photos of her and her friends.

This little book of photos and playful sayings was created as a light-hearted gift book with the hope of bringing a smile to all of us who love animals.

Sample Pages

Mini Book of Horse Sense

Letter to Author Received on April 25, 2015

Dear Marti,

You have no idea how much we appreciate and love your book.

We have a granddaughter who has special needs. Her therapy includes learning, caring for ponies, and teaching younger ones how to ride.

Tootsie has done her job more than I can say. She has made a little girl so very happy.

Thank you so much,

Copyright Marti Regan Szczur. All Rights Reserved.


“Tootsie may be miniature in size, but she and her friends offer grand advice."

“My mom has macular degeneration and reading is getting difficult for her. She love The Mini Book of Horse Sense for its endearing animal photos, large print, and fun captions."

“ My beginner reader adores this book. She laughs out loud at some of the sayings and proudly reads it to her younger brother."

“Makes a great gift book for an animal reader of any age."

Story Behind

Mini Book of Horse Sense